Dive guide Bonaire

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Dive guide Bonaire   

The dive guide Bonaire is a comprehensive dive guide for use by divers and snorkelers at all skill levels.
It describes more than 100 dive sites along with clear underwater maps and explanations.
The guide is illustrated with unique and stunning photographs.
This all-inclusive dive guide is your handbook for endless diving- and snorkeling enjoyment.
The dive guide doesn't describe only the dive sites around Bonaire, it also provides information about rare and abundant flora and fauna, while similarly featuring a number of distinct Bonaire characteristics, such as its salt extraction indusrty, its donkeys and its flamingos.

For this dive guide Bonaire, in-depth research was done, both literally and figuratively. Hundreds of dives were made, archives reopened and legends unraveled.

Author: Marloes Otten
ISBN: 978-90-825059-7-9 

Nederlandse beschrijving:
Op de nummerplaten van auto’s op Bonaire staat niet voor niets “Diver’s Paradise”.
Voor kantduiken wordt Bonaire vaak de beste duikbestemming ter wereld genoemd! Het mooie en gemoedelijke eiland in de Caribische Zee heeft meer dan 100 duikplaatsen, waarvan de meeste eenvoudig vanaf de kant te bereiken zijn. Al het water rond Bonaire is een nationaal park, waardoor de onderwaternatuur uitstekend beschermd wordt.

De volledige Duikgids Bonaire professioneel in het Engels vertaald. Deze gids is ook in de Nederlandse taal verkrijgbaar.

Uitgave: november 2018

Dive Guide Bonaire: Formaat 24 cm x 15 cm, 266 pagina´s in een praktische ringband, incl. plattegrond van Bonaire 24 cm x 29 cm
| Anika 07-03-2018 09:28

werd veel sneller bezorgd dan aan gegeven was! Berdankt!

| E. Cutler 23-11-2017 12:04

Excellent book for finding all the dive sites in Bonaire. Pictures, maps and description of the shore dives all accessible by truck. Even has the boat dives on the wild side and Klein Bonaire. Pages are plasticized so they hold up to getting wet too. We were so glad to have found it on the island. It was our morning ritual to find the next dive adventure for the day, for the 4 weeks we stayed there. We are going to Curacao to dive next, so I am getting the same authors book for that island before we leave. Definitely a must if you are not diving with a business, but rather on your own.

| Courtney Shelmore 08-11-2017 14:19

Wonderful book! Can't wait to use it on our Bonaire trip next month! Seems like it will hold up with moisture. Very discripted for dive sites. Gives little rid bits on the history of the island

| Jeff 19-12-2013 01:13

Great guide, brilliant pics.

| Tom 27-05-2013 20:15


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